Getting started

May 16. In precisely three weeks’ time, I will be on an airplane (well, if all goes according to plan, that is!), heading east for the summer. Although I will be out of the country for nearly three months, not all of that time will be leisure and travel; actually, most of the time I will be working. There is a nonprofit based in Caux, Switzerland where I have worked the past two summers, and I am returning to work in the Communications Department this summer. I am, of course, maximizing my time in Europe by beginning in the UK and working my way over to Switzerland, then visiting Paris, before heading to my final destination, Lebanon.

My rough itinerary:

-June 6 – June 7: LAX to London Gatwick Int’l Airport

-June 12 – June 14: Edinburgh

-June 18: Stratford-upon-Avon

-June 20: London Gatwick to Geneva Int’l Airport

-June 21 (?): Arrive in Caux. First meeting with Communications team.

-June 21 – August 9 (?): Work my tail off writing blogs and articles, taking pictures, creating film during International Caux Conferences 2012, visit wineries, go to the jazz festival, swim in Lake Geneva

-August 9 (?): arrive in Paris

-August 13: Charles de Gaulle to Beirut Int’l Airport

-August 26 – August 27: BEY to LAX

I say rough, because I don’t believe you can ever count on anything going according to plan, while traveling, especially while traveling long distances. The dates in question marks, are, quite obviously, still unclear, as I won’t know whether I’ll be leaving Caux as soon as the conferences end to go to Paris until closer to the end date. As I’ll be training it, though, I’m not particularly concerned.

Although I am incredibly excited about my non-work related travels, they have not been picked at random; I am lucky (or maybe unlucky, as I never get to see them) enough to have a great deal of international friends, and three of the closest live in London, Paris and Lebanon. I like to point this out because people begin to worry as soon as I tell them that I am traveling alone (especially when I tell them I’m going to Beirut). While I will be traveling solo, I won’t actually be going anywhere alone, so please, breath easy. And, while I appreciate the suggestions of highly creative methods of sneaking weapons through security, I don’t intend to take any of them. Of course, if anything truly bad does happen, I give all of you permission to say, “I told you so.”

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back with details about my trip preparation (they mostly deal with Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, Shakespeare, and Swiss wine), my actual job, and stories of past adventures gone right and wrong.

  1. We are making the same LAX-London flight, but in September! I agree about the question marks – we are going to be gone for at least 2 months, and I don’t feel like I need to really plan the middle to last part of the trip, except for a rough outline. It will fall into place! Have fun!

    • Oh how fun! I often feel that leaving it open lets the trip get more creative, so long as you have some idea of what you’re doing! Have a great trip!

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