Pre-adventuring adventures

When your time somewhere is finite, you feel the need to maximize it. So, as I’m planning on leaving for the summer in a few very short weeks, I’ve come to realize that it is time to do everything that I’ve been hypothetically planning since I moved back home last summer. That list includes:

Go camping

Go to the desert

Disneyland (okay, I have been several times but want to go once more!)

Explore different parts of LA

Go to the beach

Reconnect with friends who live outside my little bubble


Officially unpack

Host a party

So far, this list is looking pretty achievable; I’m scheduled to go camping next weekend in Mammoth, and this weekend I crossed off reconnecting, shenanigans, and exploring different parts of LA.

I suppose we didn’t explore so much as visit one bar in Eagle Rock, a city that walks the line between seedy, hipsterdom and re-gentrification. The festivities began with wine and beer at a friends apartment, which quickly turned into an impromptu ’90’s sing-a-long, progressed to The York, finally concluding with more singing, tacos so hot that only a few of us could finish them, and several of our party almost getting stuck in a tractor. We recapped the evening over brunch at Auntie Em’s, an amazing eatery that specializes in locally-grown, delicious, and incredibly fresh products.

If my summer adventures are anything like these, I have no doubts that it will be an epic journey.


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