Trip anxiety

I’m not a particularly anxious person, in general. I tend to be even less of one while traveling, because I’ve found that things tend to work out pretty okay. In the past I’ve even been so unconcerned that I didn’t even make arrangements until the night before I was leaving or going somewhere, which lent a very creative mood to the trip, but also meant that you were always in danger of not having a hostel to stay in.

This year, however, not only have I planned my trip start-to-finish (with the exception of my train to Paris), but I have been wracked with anxious pre-travel dreams. A few weeks ago, I dreamt that I had arrived at LAX just in time for my flight, only to realize that I’d left my bag at home, an hours drive away. The dream was so realistic that I woke up in a cold sweat, and started searching for my bag. It took several minutes for my brain to register the fact that I had over a month before my departure date.

Then, more recently, I had another dream, but of a very different nature. This time, I found out that my childhood best friend wasn’t going to be able to come to my goodbye party. This was particularly bizarre because I wasn’t planning on having a goodbye party, but I woke up feeling sad and lonely nevertheless.

In my pseudo-psychological interpretations of these dreams I can only assume that the first means I’m worried that I am unprepared, and the second means I’m worried about missing the people here that I love. While I’m taking the increased anxiety as a sign of maturity, I sincerely hope these dreams will inspire preparation and thoughtful goodbyes, rather than endless worry.


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