Week 2 Whirlwind: EdinburghReunionShakespeareStratfordUponAvon

Week two has absolutely flown by! We left for Edinburgh last Tuesday morning, arriving, after a lovely train ride through the English countryside, early afternoon. We stayed in the apartment of one of Izzie’s high school friends, who is in her final year at the University of Edinburgh. We covered lots of ground in Edinburgh, from JK Rowling’s favorite writing spot, to the place where my great-great-grandparents got married and baptized their first eight kids, to the famed castle, the Royal Mile and Calton Hill, home to the national monument of Scotland.

We returned to London just in time to meet Margaret, my college roommate, who has just moved to Paris and came up for the weekend.

The three of us spent the weekend catching up, traipsing up and down Portobello Road, drinking margaritas, sampling goat’s milk ice cream and Turkish Delight at Burough Market, and watching Henry V at the Globe Theatre, where Izzie volunteers.

We put Margaret back on the Eurostar on Sunday, had a quick lunch and watched the street performers at Covent Garden, and returned home to rest up for our last day out, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

We left early on Monday for Stratford and arrived just in time to join several school groups for the tour of Shakespeare’s house, which we followed by lunch in the park, a visit to Shakespeare’s grave, and the butterfly farm, which was a rather magical experience in itself.

We have covered a lot of ground in these two weeks, and already my time in the UK has come to an end, as I leave tomorrow afternoon for my next stop, Switzerland.


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