A drop of whine

Reasons I regret traveling this summer:

  1.  I am going broke
  2.  I miss my dog
  3.  I miss my sister
  4.  I miss my family
  5.  My friends who aren’t usually at home are back in California for the summer, and I am not.
  6.  It was colder than a Californian winter in the UK
  7.  Everyone here speaks French. All the time. I am one person out of six in this office who does not. All I can say in French is “yes,” “no,” “how are you,” “I don’t know,” and “would you like to sleep with me tonight?” The first three come in handy. The fourth… not so much.
  8. There was a boy I enjoyed flirting with in California. Now, we sometimes like each other’s Instagram pictures. Awesome.
  9. This is the third Fourth of July and second Father’s Day that I’ve missed.
  10. I really enjoyed my job. I basically got paid to drink wine and talk to people. Now, I don’t get paid, and I have to talk to people, write about them, and make them sound interesting, all without wine.
  11. No alcohol allowed in Mountain House.
  12. There is one attractive young man here. Every time I look at him I blush. Then I realize I don’t speak French, and I blush even more.
  13. I am in Switzerland. I am lactose intolerant.

Reasons I’m glad I’m here:

  1. Edinburgh was amazing and beautiful and full of history.
  2. I spent two weeks in London with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in two years.
  3. I saw Shakespeare’s house!!
  4. I am living in a castle overlooking Lake Geneva. For free. For six weeks.
  5. I get to hang out with two of my best friends in the world for most of that time
  6. And then I’m going to Paris, where I get to see two more of my good friends from college, one of whom I haven’t seen in a year.
  7. And then I’m going to Beirut, a part of the world I never thought I’d get to see.
  8. From my balcony, I can see the castle that Lord Byron wrote about in Prisoner of Chillon, the Alps that are on the Evian water bottle labels, and Lake Geneva.
  9. Oh yeah… I have a balcony.
  10. There’s a really cute boy who probably doesn’t even notice when I blush since I don’t speak French and thus am not a real person.
  11. If I ever get up the balls to talk to the cute boy, I know everything necessary for our conversation.
  12. I get to tune out most of the conversations around me, since they’re in a language I do not speak. I also have no chance of even attempting to gossip or eavesdrop.
  13. It is beautiful and warm here, and the forecast is the same for the rest of the summer. And guess what? It’s going to be beautiful and warm in Beirut, too.
  14. 4 pm is teatime, every day. No exceptions.
  15. There are goats, cows and sheep in the mountains around me. They wear bells. It’s magical.
  1. and don’t forget the Montreux Jazz Festival. Only 5 days until it starts… Your region will turn in to a hub for lot of people, some even speaking English

  2. notthesister said:

    you miss Nico more than me?? But you miss me more than everyone else, so… win.
    Also, I can totally send you some lactase.

    -not your sister

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