Week 3: arrival in Switzerland, a rare day off, and unpredictable weather.

I arrived in Switzerland just over a week ago. It has been a lovely change from the UK, with mostly beautiful weather, although thunder clouds are threatening now. The focus has mostly been on working, and the communications team has been busy creating our plan for the summer, crafting social media strategy, learning to draft press releases, and proofreading conference material.

Thankfully, the house has slowly started to fill up, as interns, conference teams, and department heads have begun to arrive. One of my fellow Comms Assistants and myself took advantage of a day off last Sunday and hiked down to Montreux, a 5-mile trek straight down the mountain that I had never experienced before, and brought us within feet of grazing bulls, cows, and goats.

It doesn’t do justice, but check out those horns!

It was a stunning hike, although our legs were shaking and we were more than ready for a dip in Lake Geneva by the time we reached Montreux.

A few nights ago, we had our first “variety evening,” and I experienced a genuine Swiss yodel for the first time.

As always, the view of Lake Geneva from Caux is absolutely incredible. Last night, we watched the sunset (which doesn’t begin until 8.30 or 9 p,) from a balcony over wine and chocolate, and I cannot remember a more beautiful experience.

Bizarrely, I realized that yesterday marked 20 days out of the US, meaning that I will return to California in just under two months’ time. Although two months is still a long time, this trip seemed immense when I embarked, and I already feel that my time here is speeding by. Regardless, I am happy to see friends and coworkers from summers past, and am thoroughly enjoying hiking in the Alps and swimming in the lake.


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