Week Five Update: thunderstorms and VIPs

The past few weeks have passed by in a bit of a blur. Although the conferences have been quite exciting, and the work in communications has been incredibly educational with website editing, newsletter writing, and tons of photos (I actually coded in a dream a few nights ago… then again, that might have been a nightmare), we haven’t had much time for other exploration. Probably the most exciting moment outside the conference was when my roommate accidentally electrocuted herself last night.

The Fifth Caux Forum for Human Security, the biggest (and usually most exciting) conference of the summer began last Sunday. The Forum was the brainchild of Mohamed Sahnoun, who was Kofi Annan’s Senior Advisor, which makes him kind of a (really) big deal. This conference draws quite a crowd, as Former Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey, former IofC and ICRC President Cornelio Sommaruga, and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd were all featured speakers. At one point, there was definitely a Dutch Princess in attendance, though we tried to respect her privacy and not paparazzi-stalk her. (We did not succeed.)

Kevin Rudd is a big deal in IofC because of “Sorry Day;” his first act as PM was to officially apologize to the Stolen Generation of Aboriginals, which is very cool, and incredibly moving to hear about. The house has been abuzz with well-dressed people, events, music, and plays, which is a nice change from work week, when there were only 30 of us here. In addition to the Forum, we honored South Sudan’s first birthday a few days ago, which is incredibly moving as well.

The weather has been rather unfortunate, and we have been relatively house-bound due to insane busy-ness lately, though some friends and I have planned a lovely day in Montreux tomorrow (I’m seriously craving Lake Geneva and chocolate), and we have an equally epic trip up to Basel planned for next week.

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  1. Richard Alvarez said:

    Cheers to the Aborigines!…Jeers to the weather. Keep on truckin’, Louisa.

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