Swiss National Day in Caux

August 1 is Swiss National Day. This was an all-day celebration in Caux, beginning with edelweiss-shaped rolls at breakfast, bratwurst at lunch, fondue at dinner, and a bonfire and fireworks at Haut de Caux before the rain chased us all down the hill or into the train station. The entire dining room was decorated with the flags of the 26 cantons, and traditional Swiss music serenaded us all day long.

Matterhorn of meringues?

They say it’s wrong to eat fondue in the summer, but we enjoyed every last drop

Even the sunset was celebrating

Cin cin!


The whole village turned out to celebrate with us!

Just one of the musical numbers…



The finale of the fireworks coincided with a particularly loud clap of thunder, at which point we all realized that the thunder and lightning that we’d been watching approach across Lake Geneva all night had found us, and it was time to abandon the celebration. We hurried back down the hill, where those of us who made it to the train station celebrated in a distinctly un-Swiss manner, with beer pong and sparklers.


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