Family roots: Grandpa Ed

I never met my paternal grandfather- he died before I was born, 25 or so years ago, but there are certain things that I’ve heard we both love that made me feel like there was a connection – the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the sun, Switzerland…

Two major events in my life led me back to him, to places he went, lived, loved. The first is my college – he was the pastor of the Wellesley Village Church in the early 1960’s, less than a mile away from my alma mater. The second is Caux, Switzerland, my home for the last three summers. I knew that he loved Switzerland, even claiming Swiss descent despite the lack of evidence (It’s not a longshot, as our name could definitely be Swiss), but it wasn’t until I returned from Caux that first summer that my grandmother confirmed my theory – she and my grandfather did indeed spend some time in my beloved Caux Palace, many years ago.

When we ran across his ashes in the depths of my grandmother’s apartment a few months back, I decided that scattering them in one of his favorite countries would be the best way to honor him. So, on my most recent hike, I stopped at one of my favorite spots, and threw his ashes to the wind. It’s about halfway up the path to Rochers de Naye, the highest mountain in this area, and has one of the most amazing views of the lake and valleys below, and mountains above.

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