Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday life

Everyday life is near impossible to capture while traveling, if only because everything seems so incredible. I think this is why I love street performers and farmer’s markets- because they are so familiar the world over, and still so full of local flavor.

Yodellers in Bern, Switzerland

Samples of Turkish Delight at Burough Market, London

A local painter, my friend, and a painting he resembles in Byblos, Lebanon

  1. bcharak said:

    The local painter’s name is Paul Sleiman (also an actor in series and movies)
    Also, you don’t want to call these sweets “turkish” while you are in Lebanon 😛

    • Thanks for the update! I had no clue what is name is, or that he is also an actor! And, the Turkish delight picture was actually taken in London!

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