Louisa attempts to get a life: part 1

Rose and thorn?

As I wrote last week, I’ve experienced a certain amount of culture shock upon my return from three months of galavanting. After the extreme sensory experience that was Beirut, I thought I was going to be ready to sit back for a while, relax, read a book, appreciate the peace and calm of my quaint hometown… after all, I have never been so aware of a city as I was in Beirut. It infiltrates your body with every breath you take, every firework and call to worship that you hear, every drop of sweat that rolls down your back. As it turned out, the flight home was enough of a desensitization for me, and now that I am here and surrounded by the mundane that I craved so much, I miss the buzz, the dynamism, the grit.

In the absence of the everyday excitement of traveling, I’ve been working on cultivating excitement here, at home. Since my return home, I have:

-Returned to my job at the wine store
-Returned to my job at the middle school
-Read several books
-Joined a new gym
-Hosted a party
-Planned another party
-Picked up my cello again
-Mentally rearranged my entire house
-Mentally planned out my next adventure (more new continents! Don’t worry, I really can’t afford this one this time)
-Registered for, and am considering dropping, an art class
-Become obsessed with the Lumineers
-Discovered some of the more delicious uses of coconut oil

Despite my efforts, I’m still not too excited, and my mind keeps going back to that next trip that is always evolving in the back of my mind. Until then, expect more reminiscences, random art projects, and weekly photo challenges, as well as humor, recipes and occasional debauchery at the blog I co-write with a friend about our fascinating, Claremontian lives.


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