Weekly photo challenge: Happy

Happiness – I think it comes from the everyday joys that surround us, which is why my selection this week includes more pictures of friends and family than my grand adventures. Adventures and traveling are one thing, but even the most incredible city would be empty without the people and memories that give it meaning. At the end of the day, the Eiffel Tower is just a feat of engineering if you’re not enjoying the view with people you love.

These are the things, memories, and people that put a smile on my face, that I look forward to, and that I hope fill my future.

Left to right, top to bottom: Sister and me in Eagle Rock, CA, a friend on a truck of wine barrels before we got kicked off in Santa Rosa, CA, a rainbow from my bedroom in Caux, Switzerland, olives at a farmer’s market in Geneva, Switzerland, a friend, sister and I at sister’s bday party, Claremont, CA, my dogs playing in the yard, Claremont, CA, tomatoes at farmer’s market in Larchmont Village, CA, college best friend and I on Nantucket, MA, and homemade fresh baked honey whole wheat bread, Claremont, CA.


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