Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Big. It all depends on your point of view. Here, a few of my favorite (on a large and small scale) pictures that capture “BIG” for me.

Calton Hill, as seen from the battlements of Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Me on one of the six remaining pillars of the Roman Temple of Jupiter, Beqaa, Lebanon

My friend befriending a butterfly in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

  1. I’ve never seen a shot like the one you’ve got here of Calton Hill from the castle; it looks great!

    • Thank you! I used a 200 mm telephoto lens, and rested it on the wall, though I had a harder time getting a good picture of the castle from Calton Hill.

  2. Richert Manjarres said:

    Your image of yourself in front of the pillar is fantastic. I love the perspective.

    • Thank you! I wish I had a picture that really captured the enormity of these ruins, and I think this, and a few of this series, are the only ones that even began to do them justice.

  3. Arindam said:

    The second picture is awesome. Great work. Beautiful post.

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