Monthly Archives: December 2012

I love surprises. Parties, presents… anything and everything. However, it’s hard to capture that surprise since it’s often so contextual. Here are three instances that took me by surprise. 
A three-wheeled car in downtown Claremont, CA

One of Tinguely’s masterpieces, nestled in the city known for classical art, Paris, France.
Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.08.56 PMA fork, in the middle of Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland.


IMG_6945Spiderweb, Rosengarten, Bern, Switzerland

IMG_5080A butterfly so delicate, it’s transparent. Butterfly farm, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

IMG_4591Roses are anything but delicate – they’ve drawn blood enough for me to learn this. But I am continually taken by the delicacy of their anatomy – from their slender thorns to the intricate network of veins. Claremont, CA.

Seasons are subtle here in Southern California – noticeable in the slant of the sun and weight of the air rather than New England’s riotous foliage. Each selection contains a hint of both the season passing and the one to come – fresh berries covered by snow, a late summer sun with spring’s soft greens, a vibrant flower just beginning to wither, and yellow leaves, set against the backdrop of overcast, onsetting winter. 
DSC00200Winter to Spring, Wellesley, MA, Claflin Hall

DSCN1515Spring to Summer, Caux, Switzerland

IMG_9077Summer gives way to Fall, Claremont, CA

DSCN2926Fall fades into Winter, Wellesley, MA