IMG_6945Spiderweb, Rosengarten, Bern, Switzerland

IMG_5080A butterfly so delicate, it’s transparent. Butterfly farm, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

IMG_4591Roses are anything but delicate – they’ve drawn blood enough for me to learn this. But I am continually taken by the delicacy of their anatomy – from their slender thorns to the intricate network of veins. Claremont, CA.

    • Me neither! I loved this one, but they were so hard to photograph since you could only see them when they were sideways!

  1. Northern Narratives said:

    My favorite is the first photo.

  2. what an amazing creature is that butterlfy

    • Isn’t it?? Both ultimate camouflage and beautiful!

  3. sued51 said:

    All lovely photos, but I really like the spiderweb.

    • Thank you! It took a ton of shots to get right, and I still didn’t quite catch the cityscape behind it, but I loved this spiderweb.

    • Thanks! I thought it was incredible, and even more amazing in person!

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