Monthly Archives: January 2013

In September, I wrote a bit about the reverse culture shock of coming home from my big adventure and trying to re-create my life. Since I stopped writing those posts, it’s safe to say that I did successfully find myself again in California. I stopped watching hours of television during the day, started working at both jobs, took an art class, and even reconnected with friends I’d grown to love before I left. In the intervening months, it’s safe to say that I haven’t done much else – I’ve started adhering to a workout plan and took over the marketing at the wine shop, but besides that and my friends, not much has been happening. Until now.

gradschoolNow, dear readers, I have finally made myself a plan, and it certainly does feel good to be working towards a goal once again. Not only have I decided to train for a half-marathon, but I am applying to grad school. That’s right, this is actually happening. On February 20th, I start my official GRE prep class, and, until then, I am learning long, complex vocabulary words and writing personal statements for postbaccalaureate programs.

While I would never claim to enjoy studying, throwing myself into something, working towards a specific, concrete goal, is downright exhilarating. I’ve had these pre-made GRE prep cards sitting under my bed since I moved home in 2011 and I never made it past the C’s because there wasn’t a specific goal at the end of the GRE. Now, there is a goal, and it feels great to dust off my study habits.

So, here’s to starting again, and taking the first step on the long path that is a big-kid career.



I got a little carried away with this theme. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t posted in a long, long time, but somehow every picture I looked at fit the description of ‘beyond’ – I even cut out quite a few! I generally favor pictures taken with incredibly low aperture, which really emphasize the subject of the photograph, but I love it when fore and background play equal parts in telling the story. 
IMG_5466Benches overlooking the Alps, Rochers-de-Naye, Switzerland. This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had- thirty of us gathered to hike from our West-facing Caux up to the highest point in the area to see the sunrise, a hike which began at 2 in the morning and totalled 13 miles. I snapped this one just before sunrise.
IMG_5572The view of Caux on our way home – sun up and exhausted.
IMG_6773A beautiful fountain in Basel, Switzerland. What’s beyond it? The slow-moving Rhine.
IMG_8580Thistle on a beach north of Beirut, Lebanon.
IMG_8505I took these two pictures on the same day, as well, and it was also one of the highlights of the summer. My dear friend Hady (the hand in the picture above) took me to his favorite spearfishing beach. We packed a cooler with Rose, ice, and snacks, and had one of the most beautiful and serene days I’ve ever experienced. Although I didn’t shoot anything, I did learn how to use a spear gun, and saw incredible underwater wildlife.