My name is Louisa. I am 24 and recently moved from Southern California to Seattle with my dog, Nico. I love absurd sunglasses, traveling and exploring, wandering art museums and consignment stores, climbing mountains, drinking wine and pretending I know about photography.

Nico doesn't like the Fremont Troll quite as much as I do.

Nico doesn’t like the Fremont Troll quite as much as I do.

I began this blog to chronicle a three-month trip that began in London and ended in Beirut during the summer of 2012, during which time I researched my ancestry in Scotland, worked tirelessly in Switzerland, and fell in love with the beautiful Mediterranean in Lebanon.

The first words I could write as a child were “Love Louisa.” As the baby of the family, I was anxious to share my newfound skills with everybody and so wrote these two words… everywhere. On drawings for my family, papers from school, and all the couches and counters in the house, in indelible ink. It has been my trademark for 20 years, or so, now, and the joke will probably never get old.

  1. Paul Stevenson said:

    Hi Louisa
    I spoke to David Whelan last night and he told me about you
    Looks like you are having a great time in europe and i am glad to see that.
    my name is Paul Stevenson and I am a great grandson of Giuseppi Pacelli
    who was a brother of Francesco & Maria Antonia your great grandmother. i live on the west
    coast of Ireland in Sligo with my wife and three children the eldest is 21 and is working
    in the Hilton Hotel in Hyde Park London so it is a pity that you were both unaware of each other as you could have met
    when you were there last week.
    contact me if you wish find more information or to work on the family tree.
    enjoy your trip

  2. Mike Griffiths said:

    Hi Louisa.

    I came across your blog (nice one, by the way) in my searches for Michelangelo Rizza (Edinburgh – via Glasgow and Berwick upon Tweed – on the 1901 census is the last place I’ve managed to trace him to – now I think I can see why).

    It would be great if you could contact me – I’m fairly sure we have common ancestry.

    Best wishes … Mike

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