Can you find the unique one? Portobello Road, LondonIMG_1689

Upside-down white traffic cones outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

A pair of legs independently crossing the street, Bern, Switzerland. 


I love surprises. Parties, presents… anything and everything. However, it’s hard to capture that surprise since it’s often so contextual. Here are three instances that took me by surprise. 
A three-wheeled car in downtown Claremont, CA

One of Tinguely’s masterpieces, nestled in the city known for classical art, Paris, France.
Screen shot 2012-07-25 at 12.08.56 PMA fork, in the middle of Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland.

IMG_6945Spiderweb, Rosengarten, Bern, Switzerland

IMG_5080A butterfly so delicate, it’s transparent. Butterfly farm, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

IMG_4591Roses are anything but delicate – they’ve drawn blood enough for me to learn this. But I am continually taken by the delicacy of their anatomy – from their slender thorns to the intricate network of veins. Claremont, CA.

IMG_4944Isabelle, Stratford Butterfly Farm, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

IMG_6702A watch hidden inside a glass of wine, Basel, Switzerland

IMG_8461Celebratory Eid lights twice over, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Renewal. This makes me think of Easter, which makes me feel like this is really the wrong season for this photochallenge, but nonetheless…

Nothing quite so ‘new’ as new life.
Lambs and sheep outside my front door, Caux, Switzerland.

What would you call swimming in the Mediterranean and Rose on a deserted beach? Baptism and communion, all in one.

Sun salutations, Byblos, Lebanon.


In a world with internet, I think “foreign” is more a personally-defined concept than an unbiased adjective. Foreign connotes a state of mind far outside oneself, a place, situation or thought that makes you step back and question yourself and how you got there.

Pillars outside Tower Court, overlooking Lake Waban, Wellesley, MA
I took this picture at sunrise, the spring of my Senior year at Wellesley College. Although I’d weathered four winters, the snowfall that spring and layering up in down and wool always made me wonder how I ever left sunny California and made it all the way to a new universe. The snow was both refreshing and beautiful, and completely alien.

Outside a crusader castle, Byblos, Lebanon
My first full day in Lebanon – graffitied lovenotes that surely mean the same as those you’d find in America.

Los Angeles, CA
Because nothing makes you check yourself twice, or realize how much you’ve changed, quite like revisiting your hometown.