Can you find the unique one? Portobello Road, LondonIMG_1689

Upside-down white traffic cones outside the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

A pair of legs independently crossing the street, Bern, Switzerland. 


“Solitary” has so many different connotations – while “solitary” makes me think of “alone,” which makes me think of “lonely,” which leads me to negative things like “fear” and “sadness,” “solitude” makes me think of positive things, such as “reflection,” and “growth.” For this week’s challenge I choose a selection that captures a range of these emotions.


Greyfriar’s Graveyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

Swiss National Day Celebration, Haut-de-Caux, Switzerland

Ruins of Baalbeck, Beqaa, Lebanon

Everyday life is near impossible to capture while traveling, if only because everything seems so incredible. I think this is why I love street performers and farmer’s markets- because they are so familiar the world over, and still so full of local flavor.

Yodellers in Bern, Switzerland

Samples of Turkish Delight at Burough Market, London

A local painter, my friend, and a painting he resembles in Byblos, Lebanon

Near and far is an important concept considering my last few months of travel; I always find it interesting to find those places that feel ‘far,’ because although Switzerland is thousands of miles away from home, I never feel far away when I’m there, but there were months during the years that I lived in Boston when I felt lightyears away from home.

Below are a few of the photos that capture near and far for me, personally, taken on some of my favorite days this past summer. Near and far blend over Lake Geneva, Switzerland on a hike from Caux down to Montreux.

Foreground: spiderweb. Background: Bern, Switzerland – home to Einstein, the capital of Switzerland, and the Bern Bears

An abandoned building somewhere between Byblos and Tripoli, Lebanon