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I got a little carried away with this theme. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t posted in a long, long time, but somehow every picture I looked at fit the description of ‘beyond’ – I even cut out quite a few! I generally favor pictures taken with incredibly low aperture, which really emphasize the subject of the photograph, but I love it when fore and background play equal parts in telling the story. 
IMG_5466Benches overlooking the Alps, Rochers-de-Naye, Switzerland. This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had- thirty of us gathered to hike from our West-facing Caux up to the highest point in the area to see the sunrise, a hike which began at 2 in the morning and totalled 13 miles. I snapped this one just before sunrise.
IMG_5572The view of Caux on our way home – sun up and exhausted.
IMG_6773A beautiful fountain in Basel, Switzerland. What’s beyond it? The slow-moving Rhine.
IMG_8580Thistle on a beach north of Beirut, Lebanon.
IMG_8505I took these two pictures on the same day, as well, and it was also one of the highlights of the summer. My dear friend Hady (the hand in the picture above) took me to his favorite spearfishing beach. We packed a cooler with Rose, ice, and snacks, and had one of the most beautiful and serene days I’ve ever experienced. Although I didn’t shoot anything, I did learn how to use a spear gun, and saw incredible underwater wildlife.


Renewal. This makes me think of Easter, which makes me feel like this is really the wrong season for this photochallenge, but nonetheless…

Nothing quite so ‘new’ as new life.
Lambs and sheep outside my front door, Caux, Switzerland.

What would you call swimming in the Mediterranean and Rose on a deserted beach? Baptism and communion, all in one.

Sun salutations, Byblos, Lebanon.


Big. It all depends on your point of view. Here, a few of my favorite (on a large and small scale) pictures that capture “BIG” for me.

Calton Hill, as seen from the battlements of Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Me on one of the six remaining pillars of the Roman Temple of Jupiter, Beqaa, Lebanon

My friend befriending a butterfly in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Everyday life is near impossible to capture while traveling, if only because everything seems so incredible. I think this is why I love street performers and farmer’s markets- because they are so familiar the world over, and still so full of local flavor.

Yodellers in Bern, Switzerland

Samples of Turkish Delight at Burough Market, London

A local painter, my friend, and a painting he resembles in Byblos, Lebanon

Near and far is an important concept considering my last few months of travel; I always find it interesting to find those places that feel ‘far,’ because although Switzerland is thousands of miles away from home, I never feel far away when I’m there, but there were months during the years that I lived in Boston when I felt lightyears away from home.

Below are a few of the photos that capture near and far for me, personally, taken on some of my favorite days this past summer. Near and far blend over Lake Geneva, Switzerland on a hike from Caux down to Montreux.

Foreground: spiderweb. Background: Bern, Switzerland – home to Einstein, the capital of Switzerland, and the Bern Bears

An abandoned building somewhere between Byblos and Tripoli, Lebanon